1 women in Hangzhou with a knife at midnight the door touch hand knife kimi wo omou melodi

1 women in Hangzhou with a knife at midnight the door touch hand knife in the middle of the night, while touching the door of gangsters, still holding the knife, while the sound heard out of view unsuspectingly’s daughter, mother in the pinch, what would you do? This August 2nd morning, Ms. Yu lived in Hangzhou Fuyang Fuchun street a district on the third floor experienced a midnight cry. Suspect Zhang was arrested in August 17th by the public security organs, the recent Fuyang District People’s Procuratorate will be prosecuted for robbery. While Ms. Yu face gangster wit, but let the police investigators and prosecutors impressed. At that time, a sudden power outage at home, Ms. Yu guess air switch trip. In order to allow the more than and 10 year old daughter to sleep well, she went to the floor of the rest of the table, the electric box in the air switch pushed up to the two. I do not know all of this, Zhang is engaged in ghosts. Zhang, Fuyang locals, before doing water electrician, who had no money on the idea of stealing. The reason why I chose Ms. Yu home, because seven or eight years ago in her home to live, familiar with the pattern of the house. Ms. Yu to the two floor to open the air switch, the door is not closed. Already hidden in the four floor of the Zhang, off shoes slipped into the home of Ms. Yu, hid in the bathroom shower room. This is the purpose of Zhang turned off the air switch: he can not open the security door, but turn off the air switch, there must be someone to open the door, then go in to steal. Back home, Ms. Yu into the toilet, saw the shower room zhang. She took a step back to the living room, Zhang also took out a knife: "don’t call me, as long as 500." Just at that moment, the daughter also heard the sound of unsuspectingly went out. If the child cries, everyone is in danger. MS Yu took a deep breath and said, "nothing, this is my mother’s friend." The daughter returned to the room, Ms. Yu let Zhang to the door waiting, she went to the room took 500 yuan to Zhang, let him go immediately, and said it would not alarm. Zhang left, Ms. Yu slumped on the sofa. After an hour, only to remind the alarm. We have reported in the face of danger, also had the wit many impressive. For example, there is a girl in the middle of the night in the robbers, said the girl, I didn’t have much money, or take you home with me. The girl followed home, the house opened, all in the family…… There is a villa hostess home into the robbers, the hostess gave the thousands of yuan, said "would you like to leave a card, I’ll transfer to you". The robbers really left a card number and identity information, the police were soon found. There is a girl, when he met lady-killer night taxi driver, drove to the remote office is ready to pounce on it, the girl said shyly, or we go to the room. Later, the driver took the girl to open the room was arrested. Prosecutors said that when looting and other violence, calm is the most important, do not panic. Then, as far as possible to ease the atmosphere, try to exclude the blindfolded, cover mouth and other unfavorable factors, and try not to stimulate the criminals, to avoid infringement means to upgrade. Can also be secretly recorded.相关的主题文章: